Recipes, menus & production management

⦁ Menu planning for restaurants, hospitals, schools
⦁ Menu ordering forms for various types facilities
⦁ Diet planning for hospitals and import of data from external systems (e.g. HIS)
⦁ Real-time menu cost calculation
⦁ Templates and copying of past menus among sites, hospital stations, …
⦁ Remote ordering of specific meals and diets
⦁ Storage documents needed for production

⦁ Building of standard recipes and diets and their unified catalogue
⦁ Catalogue of ingredients based on material indices from the stock management module
⦁ Catalogue linked with price-lists used by fiscal cash registers and POS
⦁ Recipes ascribed to particular central kitchens and meals
⦁ Real-time view of cost and nutrients
⦁ Preparation of menus for the unlimited number of days in the future
⦁ Reporting of stock for separate central kitchens and storages and

Recipes, menus & production management

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